Libertad International Military Unit
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 Libertad Members Guide

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PostSubject: Libertad Members Guide   23rd January 2012, 6:54 am


  • Libertad is an international military unit that fights for all those who are in need of its help in order to defend their existence in the game. It mainly helps small and weak countries who are fighting for liberation or in order to keep some of their regions.
  • Libertad is not affiliated with any alliance or country and it is limited by no external factor.
  • Libertad operates in the most democratic manner. The unit’s Commander gets elected by all members and each and every member is equal and has the right of speech and (dis)agreement. From the moment a decision is voted from the majority though, all members have to follow it.
  • Libertad was created as a group of people who wanted to see the game in a different manner. When we created it we knew beforehand that this is not the best way to develop our own ingame characters according to the existing game mechanics. Our opinion is, though, that this is the best way to enjoy the game.
  • In Libertad we work as a community. Our main elements are the respect and the support to each other, having fun and a good time among us. In order to achieve these elements, we have our own #libertad chat room, forum but also our web site, even a web radio station.

Judging from the above description it is quite clear that whoever is after medals, gold, paid tanks and maximum of supplies should not enter the unit. We do like these things and we are trying to achieve them, but they are our main objective.

Obligations of the members

  1. Every member has to install and use the Pulse browser plugin. You can find the instructions for installation in this article. After installing the plugin, you have to notify your Captain or the Commander, in order to update the appropriate lists and provide you with the password in order to see the announcements and the battle orders.
  2. All members are encouraged to register on the Libertad forum, providing a valid email and your ingame name, by following these steps.
  3. All members have to “wear” the unit’s frame, at least while they are participating in any battle. In order to create your own avatar you should send an ingame message to Skylovaravas or Nick Andrik also indicating the image you want to have in the internal part.
  4. All members have to strictly follow the battle orders (BO) of the unit. These can be seen in the Pulse plugin (Click Show on Battle Orders part), in the #libertad chat room by writing “. orders” and most of the times also in the unit's feeds. When there are no active BOs (e.g. the battle is finished or there are no BOs) only then are we free to fight wherever we want. Daily orders (DO) inside the game is just a formality for those who wish the daily bazooka/candy bar, but we are allowed to fight in the DO battle only if there is no active BO.
  5. While we have our own active BOs then our members are not allowed to ask for supplies for battles different from our priorities. Asking for supplies from others is permitted only if there are no active BOs.
  6. We need active members. If someone is inactive for prolonged time(more than 10 days) without having notified his Captain or the Commander, then he will be removed from the unit.

For all the above rules there are exceptions that can be made as long as the player discusses it with his Captain or the Commander. There is understanding for every situation, we want to avoid cases where someone follows no rules at all.

Rights of the members

The main benefit of the unit is the fun and good time we can offer in our chat and our forum, as long as the possibility of a different point of view of the game.

Apart from this, we also provide some material supplies to our members. In order to ask for these supplies, the player has to join the supply chat room (after joining #libertad just write “/j #supplies.lib”) and ask. These supplies are:
  1. For every member that wishes, although in no case obligatory, there are open job positions on companies of the unit. The daily salary is practicaly the highest possible, since the unit does not have any additional profit. For this period it is 6 q6 tanks daily, those interested should contact SafosEasyjet.
  2. Most of the times when there are active ΒΟs the unit provides extra weapons to all members independently of strength, so that they can maximize their damage and develop faster. These supplies are decided by the commander accordingly to the importance of the battle. Whenever there are extra supplies and/or mass hits (battle marching) this is indicated alongside with the BO (in Pulse and chat).
  3. For the players who don’t produce enough bread to cover their daily needs, the unit covers the extra needed food, so that they can fight more and develop even faster. The only thing the player has to do is ask for it in the supply chat room
  4. The members of the unit change location quite often since we fight all over the world. For the players who do not have the possibility to pay for these expenses, the unit has a special fund in order to cover the costs for every player that asks for it.

Finally, there are different programmes for supporting and helping our members, such as: lending gold/currency in order to upgrade companies (e.g. when there is upgrade offer) or upgrade town center, help to complete the missions, exchange q5 weapons with q6 ones, etc.

For every doubt or question, please ask your Captain or the Commander. They will be more than happy to help you!

Have fun! :-)
Viva la Libertad!

Libertad Y Tiefra!
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Libertad Members Guide
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